Electronics Recycling

Recycling solutions for a broad range of electronic & computer related products.

• We eliminate the liability of your electronics.
• We separate, decontaminate and reintegrate 100% of recyclable materials.
• We offer Certified Service, done right.

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Fluorescent Bulbs



What do we take? What do we do with it?

Q. What kind of electronics do we take?


We take everything! Computers, disk drives, printers, scanners, monitors, microwaves, and much more!

Q. Where do our old electronics go? How are they recycled and reused?


  • Electronics are reduced to their base materials of plastic, wire, circuit boards, metals and glass.
  • Plastic and wires are shredded and shipped to molders and smelters.
  • Monitors are decontaminated (Lead removed) and recycled.
  • No liability is generated when 100% is recycled.

When processing is complete, we issue your company a Certificate of Recycling that verifies proper disposal.

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Fluorescent lightbulbs, electronics, computers, ballasts, batteries and more! Recycling your e-scrap has never been easier. Just click on the button below to request a pickup.


Simple Pac

Simple Pac is the easiest way to recycle your bulbs in small quantities! We set you up with a recycling process that makes Responsible bulb disposal as easy as habit!


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We offer recycling solutions for a broad range of electronic and computer related products.

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